Chicopee Quilt

Sometimes I think I suffer from sewing ADD. I start one project, another catches my eye, and I abandon the first project. The cycle continues and I end up with quite a few works in progress but nothing complete. I was fortunate enough to have today off for MLK Day and took the opportunity to finish up a quilt I started back in November.

Chicopee Quilt

This poor quilt has been half quilted and unbound since early December,  so all I had left to do was a little bit of quilting and binding. The binding (border) is mostly a black print with green dots called “duet dot” with a green paisley and a pink print (both are in the quilt) thrown in for variety.

Chicopee Quilt Mosaic

I machine stitched the binding instead of hand sewing, which I’m not perfect at, but my wonder clips were a huge help. Lots of quilters hand sew their binding but I don’t quite have the patience for it and I like the sturdy stitching of the machine binding anyway.

Chicopee Quilt

The back of the quilt is a pink paisley, which looks great with the black binding and makes me happy. (:

Chicopee Quilt

I machine quilted the quilt using my new machine, which has a built in walking foot– let me say this process went quite smoothly compared to my old machine. I’d like to try free motion quilting next, but I’m a little nervous!

This quilt will be living on our couch and keeping us warm. I finished this up just in time, since the low is 3 degrees tonight! I hope you’re keeping warm wherever you are.

Chicopee Quilt

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3 Responses to Chicopee Quilt

  1. That is a binding well worth adding–scrappy fun!

  2. says:

    really pretty, Stephanie.

  3. Maegan says:

    I love Chicopee and the design you chose highlights the collection so nicely. Well done!

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